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   Just a Reminder about Bug Abuse DeidaraDecember 30th 6:53am
   Update to v753 Patch TankwarsDecember 24th 9:07pm
   [PATCH] v753 Released TankwarsDecember 23rd 5:07pm
   New Freeboard Requirement WailordOctober 22nd 7:11am
   August Season Rank Winners & Other News WailordOctober 10th 2:27am
   Ban Appeal - Policy TankwarsSeptember 16th 8:52pm
   Upcoming Player Survey (Oct 1 - Nov 1) TankwarsSeptember 16th 8:36pm
   [BETA] Project Hudson Sooner Than Expected TankwarsSeptember 11th 6:29am
   [PATCH] v751 Released TankwarsSeptember 10th 9:25pm
   [Valentine Part 3]Couples Tournament DeidaraSunday, 5:10pm
   [Valentine Part 2] Valentine Cards DeidaraFebruary 13th 7:25am
   [HOT]Valentine SALE DeidaraFebruary 11th 5:59am
   Couples Tournament [Inscriptions] DeidaraFebruary 11th 4:55am
   [Valentine Part 1] Youtube Video DeidaraFebruary 3rd 10:16am
   Valentine's EVENT DeidaraFebruary 3rd 9:47am
   Recarga de cash urgente -Hudson2 hours 40 minutes ago
   LIKE MY VIDEO PLEEEEASE! WildGuns8 hours 47 minutes ago
   Looking for Gunbound music from TANKWARS or other Uppendahl10 hours 39 minutes ago
   Por favor GM revise el ticket que le mande ChriChristiaYesterday, 7:36am
   Elecciones / Elections AntoniusKMonday, 1:35am
   Hey deida ~ MeoooooowMonday, 12:04am
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