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Collect the Mobiles

Solution A new major event coming here soon is a event called 'Collect the Mobiles' This will be one of our biggest events to date which will have a lot of twists in it.

Main point: The point is to collect all the mobile points for avatars (different amount for each (rare) avatar).

In game, there's a chance you will get an event game. If you have an event game, you will get a banner that reads 'This game is an event for collecting mobiles' in an event game, the game is pretty much normal. However, in end you will see which mobile card you have won (1 piece each event game).

There's also a Knight and Dragon point which is very rare and can be used to get a discount for other avatars (or save them for Drag/Knight only card avatars!)

There's also a lot of tweaks done to make sure a lot of faults from our previous point collecting events are gone, such as.

1: 1 vs 1 games has less chance of event games than 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4. The more players, the more chance there's an event game! This is to make sure the whole server isn't playing 1 vs 1 all day like our previous events

2: RNG (Random Number Generation) tweaks: We have tweaked the system that the events are actually random (mobile cards) and not working in a different way (like our previous events), to make sure its totally fair and random. This is changed from Softnyx's original way, which was horrible

3: Like stated earlier, the card you will get is totally unknown until the end of the game. Also, only the winners receive a mobile card for now.

The start of the event is still unknown because of our limited time, but here's a bit how it will go!
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