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Monthly Ranking

Solution One going on event right now is the Monthly Ranking.

In the Monthly Ranking, there's a ranking going on that resets every month (first day of month).

The TOP 5 people that got the most GP (Game Points) that month are the winners (if proven they didn't cheat!) and receive the following:

1st place:

Gold Trophy *Rank* for one month, Gold Trophy flag (permanent), 5,000 Cash

2nd place:

Silver Trophy *Rank* for one month, Silver Trophy flag (permanent), 5,000 cash

3rd place:

Bronze Trophy *Rank* for one month, Bronze Trophy flag (permanent), 5,000 cash

4th place:

2,500 cash, Guild Flag (permanent, rare)

5th place:

2,500 cash, Guild Flag (permanent, rare)

NOTE: All the GP from the Monthly Ranking is always x1, even in multiple GP events to keep it fair!
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