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   Kimberly [0/0]
February 8th, 2012   

(UPDATED) Website Buddy list - Add buddies!

I want you guys introduce to the new website buddy list.

You can find it under \'My GunBound\'

How does it work: When someone have you on the list, sometimes you don\'t. You end up seeing the person only in \'World List\'

But this problem is solved now without you having to use 2 pcs or anything!

When someone added you, or you added him/her but the other didn\'t receive it, go to the site under My GunBound and look in the request list!

From there click \'Accept\' and the person will be in your buddy list after a relog!

UPDATE: you can now also add buddies using the page below, not just accept open requests!

View it here:

Enjoy guys!


The GunBound Thor\'s Hammer Staff

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hola querida comunidad :)

Despues de tanto esfuerzo, nos gustaria presentarles la nueva lista de amigos en nuestra pagina web.

Pueden encontrarla en la parte inferior en la seccion de \"My GunBound\"

¿Como funciona?: Algunas veces algun amigo te tiene agregado en su lista de amigos, sin embargo tu no lo tienes a el o a ella. A veces solamente puedes verlos que estan en \"Word List\".

Sin embargo, ya hemos logrado resolver el problema, ahora ya no tienes que usar 2 pcs o agregarse al mismo tiempo, o tener que irse al buddy ni tanta cosa.

Si alguien te agrega o tu agregas a alguien, y tu o la otra persona no recibe la invitacion, entonces sal del GunBound por un momento y logueate en la pagina de GunBound, luego ve a la seccion \"My GunBound\" y en la parte de abajo veras que hemos agregado la seccion \"Buddy List\", alli apareceran todos tus amigos que desean agregarte.

Lo unico que tienes que hacer es poner \"Accept\" y la persona estara en tu lista de amigos cuando vuelvas a entrar a jugar.

Pueden ir aqui de manera directa:

Que lo disfruten :D!


El Equipo de GunBound Thor\'s Hammer ^^

   I_ADAM [3/106]
February 8th, 2012   
hmmm lets see

epzilon2301, liked this post.

February 8th, 2012   
I seen it and that\'s so cool! Tnx kimmy.

   Panic Ey [1/2]
February 8th, 2012   
Love u admins for finding a way really

Kimberly, liked this post.

February 8th, 2012   
bien bien!!

   Deeds StopAsking [1/14]
February 8th, 2012   
biggest Like ever !! :DD

Kimberly, -MJ, BrandNewDay, KisSaBaYHuGG, liked this post.

   I_ADAM [3/106]
February 8th, 2012   
thats cool :)

Maniaco, liked this post.

   Sound! DeathMask [1/15]
February 8th, 2012   

February 8th, 2012   
like like like! <3

Kimberly, 7wordz, liked this post.

   -Team TapasMonle [1/2]
February 8th, 2012   

   Sound! DeathMask [1/15]
February 8th, 2012   
[b]GRACIAS, eso ayudo mucho, VOLVIO A LA VIDA MI BUDDY kim eres un amor <3[/b]

Kimberly, liked this post.

   Sound! DeathMask [1/15]
February 8th, 2012   

SevenDemons, liked this post.

February 8th, 2012   
Nice! This a very good update :)

YOUNGeneral, liked this post.

   YTPBR Daruuza [5/32]
February 8th, 2012   
Very useful :D

February 8th, 2012   
Actually my mistake of my previous statement. The site will deny if you try to add more buddies at 100. In game however, do not add more buddies if you got to 100 but deleted inactive ones. If you go over the 100 buddies the system will auto delete a random person until it\'s at the 100 again due to how Softnyx programmed it.

m1br, liked this post.

   TeamAyam Youkang [2/18]
February 8th, 2012   
Where is the request list? I can\'t find it..

Infinito, liked this post.

   TeamPwns DrewPwnz [2/2]
February 8th, 2012   
I really appreciate the effort and time you guys put into finding out for a way to make this work. Its really great and is definitely gonna keep me more active so i can now keep track of all my buds. Thanks a lot.

7wordz, liked this post.

February 8th, 2012   
Aceptenme :$

February 8th, 2012   

February 8th, 2012   
I <3 this

   h$kalash ShurikN [1/1]
February 8th, 2012   
best update ever. thx diabblo

February 8th, 2012   
Very Nice =)

February 8th, 2012   

February 8th, 2012   
great =] I\'m very happy that you kept this at a high priority even when it didn\'t seem possible to fix, so my hat off! this is better news than the milion gold :D

February 8th, 2012   
If i could quadruple like this, I would. That is way awesome. <3 *Finds ponies for Kim*

   :: Yafuepues [3/4]
February 8th, 2012   
Really useful! Good job!

February 8th, 2012   
DeathMask said February 8th, 2012:

   ,=,e johnplaya [2/13]
February 8th, 2012   
This is a really great update. Everyone start adding me! :D

   Holy Asterios [2/10]
February 8th, 2012   
Muchas gracias al equipo que estuvo al tanto del tema de la investigacion acerca de como resolver ese problema, mis felicitaciones, muchos exitos!

   SKT T1 Morph [1/4]
February 8th, 2012   

February 8th, 2012   
Really that\'s a great notice *-* Congratulations to all staff :D

February 8th, 2012   
Thank you!! Add me as a buddy because I don\'t have any!

   GB.Power SevenDemons [4/7]
February 8th, 2012   
haha everyone wants to have the silver dragon in buddy list...Anyways great thing, this is gonna help all of us :)

   BH TrickShots [3/7]
February 8th, 2012   
Very Nice job!!! Kim For President!!! xD

February 8th, 2012   
two thumbs up!

BOOSTERking, liked this post.

February 8th, 2012   
Very awesome. Thanks for figuring out a solution to the buddy lists!

   Deeds Draxus [2/14]
February 9th, 2012   

February 9th, 2012   
genial ;)

   Legacy 2betheherO [2/38]
February 9th, 2012   
Awesome! Finally, a solution of sorts. Very helpful, thank you! :)

   AmaeuS BlackRiver [1/1]
February 9th, 2012   
Genial ,solo faltan los fondos y se hacen todas ADMs

   ge 76th-Soul [14/30]
February 9th, 2012   
not working for me.. :(

February 9th, 2012   
Aw really thanks for the information. (:

Gondomonomon, -Myrish, Fog, liked this post.

   Muschi Mr_Muschi [1/2]
February 9th, 2012   
not always working here either

    Guardian [1/8]
February 9th, 2012   
not working for me either lol...

February 9th, 2012   
Mr_Muschi, Guardian: try again now that you can add buddies from the website!

    Guardian [1/8]
February 10th, 2012   
:D... yeah thanks a lot :)

February 10th, 2012   
to all filipinos out there, add me in ur buddy list. tnx a lot :P

   ge 76th-Soul [14/30]
February 10th, 2012   
its now working thanks GM team

   PBBteens -Myrish [1/27]
February 10th, 2012   
nice work GMs. :)

February 10th, 2012   
not working for me

   anthraxXx [61/136]
February 10th, 2012   
its working tnx

February 10th, 2012   
aqui se adicionar os estrangeiros, funciona, mas os brasileiros ainda nao funciona, eles ficam em WORLD LIST, e nao da pra mandar msn em PVT... Eu so queria q a msg em pvt funcionasse, so isso... =(

   ge 7wordz [6/30]
February 10th, 2012   
atlast.... gracias admin..

February 10th, 2012   
uma coisa que notei hoje, por exemplo, eu mando uma MSG em PVT para outro BR, se ele estiver OFF LINE, qndo ele entrar a MSG vai estar la, mas se ele estiver ONLINE e eu mandar, nao chega.

   .. mORBiD_LORDY [1/45]
February 10th, 2012   
Kimmy ROCKZ!!!

February 11th, 2012   
Uff que bueno saberlo :D

February 11th, 2012   
Smiles: your buddy must accept your request through the website before you are able to see them online!

February 11th, 2012   
claro q ele ja aceitou!! =x

February 14th, 2012   
Nice :)

BebehYanyan, liked this post.

   Ѣ -SweetCraze- [39/46]
February 23rd, 2012   
I can\'t see the people that invite me to there buddy list.. i can\'t see the invitation or request for buddy list og othere

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