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   Kiro [0/0]
December 29th, 2010   

350 User-Count Achievement

If GunBound Classic has a record of 350 users online at the same time, all users will receive 10,000 CASH and 1 MILLION gold!

This is an ongoing event, and each time the aforementioned achievement has been reached, a new one will begin!

So lets bring our friends back to GBC, so we can all win some free cash and gold!

Yours sincerely,


December 29th, 2010   

December 29th, 2010   

December 29th, 2010   
Uhmmm it wasnt 300??? XD!!!

December 29th, 2010   
had spoken 300 ????????????????????????????? lol

December 29th, 2010   
More than 300 Ligadon is coming =]

December 29th, 2010   
again: vns!!! xD

December 29th, 2010   
Meant to make it 350, lol. whoops =D

December 29th, 2010   
kiro i haven't recieve my 1 milion gold yet =/!

December 29th, 2010   
^ ikr ://

   WraitH FrostEntity [1/1]
December 29th, 2010   
Kiro, don't you think 1 million gold is too much?

   ޥ Corruption [1/5]
December 29th, 2010   
lol its not too much... At least we can buy all the expensive gold avatars that we like! :D

December 29th, 2010   
If it makes people bring their friends and stuff, then so be it.

December 30th, 2010   
awww dang i think m late :(

December 30th, 2010   
I didn't receive any, and lost 500K during the new patch. -___-
Should I get a ticket for it?

   nGeLz MrMasbate [11/51]
December 30th, 2010   
Kiro Can You Sell Real Observador Head at 10K cash :D thanks And Have a Happy New Year

December 30th, 2010   
TriggerHappy. Answer to that would be No. Since it kicks people in to Donate to get it.

December 30th, 2010   
350 maybe tonight YEAH

December 30th, 2010   
You should bump it to 4 hundo

January 8th, 2011   
its working yet?

   -Kenn [1/2]
January 10th, 2011   

January 10th, 2011   
355 wow :D

   ThePack Chroniton [3/19]
January 10th, 2011   
It doesnt matter wat number do u raise lol. If u raise it to 500 , 500 will come!!! hahahahaha!!

January 10th, 2011   
Just need to wait for rewards this week ^^

   SaD lazy [1/2]
January 11th, 2011   

January 14th, 2011   
when we gonna receive the 100000 Gold and 10000 Cash? TODAY? :P

January 14th, 2011   
i keep waiting for the gold and cash.. --'

January 16th, 2011   
i didnt recieve 1m gold or neither 10k cash..
why i did not recieve it
kiro plss help me

   LoveMachine [1/2]
January 19th, 2011   
DID not recieved 1M gold for the second of this i got only 10k cash my GF got 1M for the second time and 10!! why i don't 1M for the second time!! explain it PLssssssssss!!

   LoveMachine [1/2]
January 19th, 2011   
DID not recieved 1M gold for the second of this i got only 10k cash my GF got 1M for the second time and 10!! why i don't 1M for the second time!! explain it PLssssssssss!!

January 20th, 2011   
how do i complain, y cant play the game because its says my mail is not verified but the verify mail wont arraive u.u

   Legiaum Regra1e2 [9/131]
January 24th, 2011   
Kiro, i don't receive my 1kk gold or 10k cash. Explain please!

January 24th, 2011   
I haven't recieve my 1 milion gold yet.

January 24th, 2011   
havent recieved anything and yesterday i was on with 400 other ppl!

   Legiaum Regra1e2 [9/131]
January 26th, 2011   

March 20th, 2011   
i cant log in

May 17th, 2011   
We reached this achievement again! :D

   USERNAME awwwwwww [1/2]
November 7th, 2011   
can i achieve this achievement? : P please

December 6th, 2012   

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