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Level Requirements & Achievements

LevelLevel NameGP StandardMore InfoAchievement Prize
Gold Dragon514,934 GPRank 1GNGWC
Silver Dragon473,650 GPRank 2 & 3Silver Ultimate Set
Red Dragon417,589 GPRank 4 - 10Red Ultimate Set
Blue Dragon329,596 GPRank 11 - 30Blue Ultimate Set
Diamond Wand +200,000 GPWhite Phoenix
Diamond Wand101,000 GPCandle Stick
Emerald Wand +85,000 GPOrbiting Moon
Emerald Wand71,000 GPRed Parrot
Ruby Wand +59,000 GP
Ruby Wand49,000 GPFurry Cat Dress/Tux Set
Sapphire Wand +40,000 GP
Sapphire Wand32,000 GPFurry Puppy Dress/Tux Set
Amethyst Wand +25,000 GP
Amethyst Wand21,000 GPDouble Blade + Metallic Wand
Gold Battle Axe +18,000 GP
Gold Battle Axe15,000 GPGhost Busters Set
Silver Battle Axe +13,000 GP
Silver Battle Axe11,000 GPNuke Flag
Bronze Battle Axe +9,000 GP
Bronze Battle Axe7,800 GP
Battle Axe +6,800 GP
Battle Axe6,000 GPAC Buster Sword
Dual Golden Blades5,400 GP
Golden Blade5,000 GP
Dual Silver Blades4,700 GP
Silver Blade4,400 GP
Dual Bronze Blades4,100 GP
Bronze Blade3,800 GP
Dual Blades3,500 GP
Blade3,200 GPGunBound Flag
Dual Golden Axes3,000 GP
Golden Axe2,800 GP
Dual Silver Axes2,600 GP
Silver Axe2,400 GPBorder Suit + Ski Goggle
Dual Bronze Axe2,200 GP
Bronze Axe2,000 GPSpace Marine Set (Sellable/Giftable) + Scorpion Flag
Dual Axes1,800 GP
Axe1,600 GPBattle Goggle + Blue Flag
Dual Stone Mallets1,400 GP
Stone Mallet1,300 GP
Dual Wooden Mallets1,200 GP
Wooden Mallet1,100 GP
A Little Chick1,050 GP
Egg1,000 GPWelcoming Gift

Gold & GP Bonuses

Bonus TypeDescriptionAward Given
Shot Of God BonusKilling or Bunging two opponents at once.+500 GOLD, 4GP
Bunge Shot BonusBunging an opponent.+100 GOLD, 1GP
Ending BonusKilling an opponent.+100 GOLD, 1GP
Excellent Shot BonusDeal 500 or more damage in one shot.+50 GOLD
Good Shot BonusDeal 250 or more damage in one shot.+20 GOLD
Shot BonusDeal 150 or more damage in one shot.+10 GOLD
Hurricane BonusShoot through a hurricane and do 50 or more damage.+20 GOLD
High Angle BonusShoot over 70 degrees for more than 2.5 seconds and deal 50 or more damage.+15 GOLD
Ultra High Angle BonusShoot over 70 degrees for more than 4 seconds and deal 50 or more damage.+30 GOLD
Boomer Shot BonusHave a shot go past an opponent, then come back and hit for 50 or more damage.+20 GOLD
Back Shot BonusHave a shot go behind you, then return to hit an opponent in front of you.+25 GOLD
3000 Damage Achieved!Deal a total of 3000 damage or more in one game.+100 GOLD, 4 GP
2000 Damage Achieved!Deal a total of 2000 damage or more in one game.+100 GOLD, 2 GP
1000 Damage Achieved!Deal a total of 1000 damage or more in one game.+100 GOLD, 1 GP
Suicide PenaltyBunge or kill yourself.-50 GOLD, -1 GP
Team Damage PenaltyDeal 50 or more damage to a teammate or yourself.-25 GOLD, -1 GP
Team Kill PenaltyBunge or kill a teammate.-50 GOLD, -2 GP
Team Penalty BonusWhen you leave a game, you generously give gold to your teammates in turn of screwing them over. The gold is deducted from your account.+100 GOLD each (for them), -100 GOLD per teammate (for you)
Winning AwardWinning a 1:1.+100 GOLD, 3 GP
Winning AwardWinning a 2:2.+150 GOLD, 6 GP
Winning AwardWinning a 3:3.+200 GOLD, 9 GP
Winning AwardWinning a 4:4.+300 GOLD, 12 GP
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