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United States
Languages: English
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Languages: English, Spanish
United States
Role of the GM

1. Misbehaving Prevention Patrol
GM is there to ensure pleasent atmosphere for the users to enjoy our game by patrolling for the misbehaving users. Once met with these misbehaving users, GM will directly confront them and apply the punishment from our game policy. Punishment can very from the simple short time disconnection from game server to the permanent ban depending on his/her act. Please treat all our personnel with friendly respect as we are out there to help you.

2. Warnings in game
GM will not take any actions until a disturbance is caused and when this happens GM will confront those involved directly and try to solve the problematic action and will take according action by the game policy. Please understand that there is no special circumstance which can waive the game policy and no GM will accept the plea for the waiver.

3. Cases outside the game policy
For the cases outside our game policy GM will try his/her best to make the most accurate and sound judgement by putting many available evidences into consideration. please trust your GM to make the fairest judgement on all cases. However, if your feel there has been a mistake, please do not hesitate to contact us using Q&A from our website, which you can do so by clicking here.
List of current staff

This is the official list of current staff on gunboundclassic.com, and it is always automatically up-to-date. If any staff previously listed is no longer listed, it is to be assumed that the particular staff member in question is no longer on staff.

"Hidden" staff
Please note that staff members do have "hidden" accounts, however they will never reveal themselves to be on staff on these accounts. Only trust anyone who says they are staff if you see them in-game with a Red Hammer rank, and report anyone else as impersonating. Do you feel someone is impersonating GunBound staff? You can report them by clicking here.

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