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   Lal-C [3/22]
November 22nd, 2017   

ClariS - J-Pop Band
ClariS is a Japanese pop music idol duo which formed in 2009 with singers Clara and Alice from Hokkaido, who were in junior high school at the time.

From their formation until 2014, ClariS consisted of two girls from Hokkaido known as Clara and Alice (both pseudonyms, done so to preserve their anonymity) who were originally in junior high school. ClariS is a portmanteau of the singers' names and was picked as an homage to the character Clarisse from the anime film The Castle of Cagliostro. As listed on their website, "ClariS" can also carry the meaning of "clear" and "bright" in Latin (though it is actually spelled "clarus"). Both Clara and Alice have been singing since they were in kindergarten when they started taking lessons at the same music school where they met as classmates. Clara can play the piano.

In order to put a priority on their schoolwork, ClariS have not released photos of themselves to the public and employ illustrators to draw their likenesses.

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Timely, liked this post.

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