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   GunBound Deidara [4/11]
March 12th 6:46pm   

YouTube Winner #1 (Valentine Event Part 1)
It was really interesting!! Excellent video edition!!

You are a great youtuber!! :D!


WildGuns, liked this post.

   GunBound Deidara [4/11]
March 12th 6:47pm   
I'm subscribed to you :D

WildGuns, liked this post.

   GunBound Deidara [4/11]
March 12th 6:49pm   
Just an advice: smile smile smileee :D!, and laught sometimes :D, that will give more life and entretainment to your video ;).

WildGuns, andrep, liked this post.

March 12th 6:51pm   
Good Job WildGuns, Since the begining I knew you would win.

WildGuns, liked this post.

March 12th 7:01pm   
THANK YOOOU GUYS! I always wanted Pink Phoenix!

This is my secondary channel , if anyone would like to follow me on my main channel , the link is here:


Thanks to Deidara again for these awesome events!
(I'll try to smile more on next videos hahaha)


Deidara-C0, liked this post.

March 12th 8:59pm   
WildGuns Amigo brazilero que piensas que los niveles menores son Hacker que utilizan tieros perfctos estas mal informado ; tambien son sus cuentas alternas de jugadores de altos niveles que desean jugar ...

porfavor :deberia ser mas cuidadoso de mal informar no todo las cuentas menores son en realidad hacker tambien son cetros diamante jugando cuentas alternas ..

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