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   hrs MeganCydonia [7/53]
February 27th 3:25pm   

hey guys relax.../tranquilos
chicos tengan paciensia, Ya habra una solucion pronto no se desesperen haciendo post llamando a deidara o minzy. Estoy muy segura que estan al tanto de la situacion del servidor.

Lo recomendable es esperar y no hacer algun tipo de post ofensivos, porfavor recuerden hacer eso es muy grave y alarmante es motivo de baneo.

Pongan su cancion favorita :D y relajados XD

Guys have patience, there will be a solution soon do not despair posting by calling deidara or minzy. I am very sure that they are aware of the situation of the server.

The recommended thing is to wait and not do some kind of post offensive, please remember to do that is very serious and alarming is reason to ban.

Put your favorite song: D and relaxed XD

Hurricane, Zabimaru, --DonitO-I-, NanditoGB, liked this post.

   ׿ Hurricane [1/6]
February 27th 4:11pm
una de ellas

MeganCydonia, Zabimaru, liked this post.

   NoTCrazy ElPatoParodi [31/203]
February 27th 4:18pm

MeganCydonia, liked this post.

   hrs MeganCydonia [7/53]
February 27th 4:33pm   
Hurricane said February 27th 4:11pm:
una de ellas


   ׿ Zabimaru [2/6]
February 27th 4:41pm

Relajado, ordenando mi cueva =]
obviamente al ritmo de la musica LOL!

MeganCydonia, liked this post.

   hrs MeganCydonia [7/53]
February 27th 4:56pm   
Zabimaru said February 27th 4:41pm:

Relajado, ordenando mi cueva =]
obviamente al ritmo de la musica LOL!


Zabimaru, liked this post.

   war GB ElSharif [11/38]
February 27th 8:02pm   
Y como sabes que lo estan arreglando si no se pronuncian?

Z-Jeff, liked this post.

   war GB --DonitO-I- [6/38]
February 27th 8:26pm


   -- Faylinn [2/2]
February 27th 9:27pm   
Who's in charge of the server nowadays by the way ?

   eons Namikaze [15/52]
March 1st 3:32am

Bueno, ya volvio

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