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   GunBound Mouettes [10/11]
February 13th 6:35pm   

Valentine's Event 2018

Hello, this is the GunBound Classic Team,

In the next days we will be hosting a special event for Valentine's. The event will consist of forming a team with your couple to battle against the Game Master team. Teams must be of 1 male and 1 female account. It will develop in the following days:

Thursday 15th, Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th, Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th of February. Each day starting at 10:00 pm Peruvian time.

Note: in server time this means 4:00 am of the next day, (e.g. 2/15 10pm Peruvian time means 2/16 4am server time).

Prize, only for winners:
* Valentine 2007 Set for the first five winning teams.
* Valentine Chocolate Flag for the following ten winning teams.
* Heart Background Flag for the rest of the winners.

* Valentine 2007 Set (Male/Female): 


* Valentine Chocolate Flag: 


* Heart Background Flag: 


You must register with your couple leaving a comment here and receiving a confirmation like from your teammate. This event needs at least ten registered teams to start.

Mule accounts are prohibited!


The GunBound Classic Team




¡Hola usuarios! En los próximos días estaremos realizando un evento especial por San Valentín. El evento consistirá en formar parejas y enfrentar al equipo Game Master. Los equipos deben formarse con una cuenta de hombre y una cuenta de mujer. Se realizará en los días específicos:

Jueves 15, Sábado 17, Domingo 18, Sábado 24, Domingo 25 de febrero. Comenzando a las 10:00 pm hora del Perú.

Premio, sólo para ganadores:
* Valentine 2007 Set para los primeros cinco equipos ganadores.
* Valentine Chocolate Flag para los siguientes diez equipos ganadores.
* Heart Background Flag para el resto de ganadores.

Debes inscribirte con tu pareja comentando este post y recibiendo un like de confirmación de tu compañ[email protected] Este evento requiere al menos diez equipos inscriptos para comenzar.

¡Las cuentas mulas están prohibidas!

El Equipo de GunBound Classic

Rito-Forever, Echoeeees, Shado-, savora, zBobo, Mamacita, Theox, Gaziel, -SogeKinG-, Pecoloso, BARNEY, CheLinDa, kjdasfgb83, --AmBar-, ZebecK, liked this post.

   eons ZeRoUltimate [16/94]
February 13th 7:04pm   
Haber una dame que quiera jugae con migo me escriba al buddy y agregue gacias

February 13th 7:22pm   
zLoveToHateU - Lucia4eveR

GbLUCiA, liked this post.

   VERSACE* LaUSuRPaDoRA [1/2]
February 13th 9:13pm   
LaUsurpadora Y ojitostristez

Mis15, Partexiz, xPaoLaBrAcHo, liked this post.

February 13th 10:02pm   
Que premios mas afeminados he presenciado , deberian otorgar gps para los machos pelo en pecho ,sin embargo participare para demostrar mi supremacia , pareja en proceso

   Command -neurOtic- [2/26]
February 13th 10:05pm   

   hrs Leafa-chan [16/55]
February 13th 11:19pm   
Theox y Zekken nos anotamos como equipo :P

MeganCydonia, Theox, liked this post.

   hrs -Cesc- [3/55]
February 13th 11:30pm   
PorMilNoches y Principit0-

MeganCydonia, PorMilNoches, Theox, liked this post.

   antasy zBobo [3/25]
February 14th 12:05am   
zCelosito & Celosita

Mamacita, liked this post.

   eons Shado- [7/94]
February 14th 12:37am   
Shado- & ILoveuSteven

ILoveuSteven, liked this post.

   Catarsis Gaziel [1/1]
February 14th 1:19am   
SlyXP y yo

xIIEterNoObX, liked this post.

   Core -hKy [3/31]
February 14th 1:19am   
-neurOtic- said February 13th 10:05pm:
shemale xd

February 14th 1:21am   
Una cachetada a la soledad

   War R US DarkWizard_ [1/40]
February 14th 1:30am   
MissNasty & Wiz4rd.

MissNasty, liked this post.

February 14th 1:32am   
alguien q quiera ser mi pareja !!

LAUTAR0, liked this post.

February 14th 2:11am   
[ CheLinDo y CheLinDa ]

CheLinDa, liked this post.

   Presos ZorroSupe [2/5]
February 14th 3:01am   
HolaSoyFeer - Momonga

Momonga, liked this post.

   CAN ScooByDu [5/90]
February 14th 3:42am   
chivo_fox con OzitaTkm :)

YOU-AngelsS, liked this post.

   eons Pecoloso [9/94]
February 14th 4:01am   
Pecoloso & zMisticaa-

zMisticaa-, liked this post.

   W E E D BARNEY [2/2]
February 14th 4:14am   
que pasa si soy un dinosaurio gay?
alguien quiere participar conmigo? mi cuenta es female :v

EmperorKing, liked this post.

   KaLuKaLi AlKawarizmi [1/6]
February 14th 4:25am   
Yasuiximoki & AlKawarizmi .... OldGens in GLS =)

   eons ZeRoUltimate [16/94]
February 14th 4:48am   
Arya & ZeRoUltimate ^^,

Arya, liked this post.

   Ratas KarlaSofia [1/1]
February 14th 6:22am   
RocoNeverDie & Karlyt para ganar

RocoNeverDie, iL1ghTiNoT, liked this post.

February 14th 7:15am   
Quien quiere que lo haga ganar? :D . Hablarme al buddy

   Triumph _UaERuLeS_ [1/1]
February 14th 9:18am   
Btw I don't have couple :(

   hrs TeAmoPeru [2/55]
February 14th 9:43pm   
Pedrogas & -Ateneea-

   BQoM Fazt [11/42]
February 14th 9:44pm   
Fazt & dFazt

dFazt, zBobo, liked this post.

February 15th 2:53am   
draven0 & FrozenGirlx

-Heiden-, liked this post.

   hrs Look_at_me [7/55]
February 15th 7:20am   
Look_at_me & MeganCydonia

MeganCydonia, liked this post.

February 15th 7:41am   
con -Rikka-

-Rikka-, liked this post.

   Rikka`s -Rikka- [1/2]
February 15th 7:43am   
<3 Arata-Sempai

-Yuta-, liked this post.

February 15th 3:16pm   
MrDjarion - LaConejita

LaConejita, liked this post.

February 15th 4:20pm   
YiNRiK & Vegetaa

YiNRiK, liked this post.

   eons -Boyka [14/94]
February 15th 5:36pm   

Pecoloso, liked this post.

   hrs -Cesc- [3/55]
February 15th 6:57pm   
-Boyka said February 15th 5:36pm:
Nadie xD

   eons Pecoloso [9/94]
February 15th 7:20pm   
-Boyka said February 15th 5:36pm:

BARNEY esta disponible

   eons -Boyka [14/94]
February 15th 7:41pm   
Pecoloso said February 15th 7:20pm:
-Boyka said February 15th 5:36pm:

BARNEY esta disponible

   SexiGirl --AmBar- [7/14]
February 15th 9:14pm   
Dariek <3 y yo ! :P

Bartt, liked this post.

February 15th 11:47pm   
LoveThing y _Goenji_

Unmanageable, liked this post.

   SD cozey [3/17]
February 16th 2:05am   
lnGridMyLove and C0ZEY

Avalanche-, liked this post.

   eons -Boyka [14/94]
February 16th 3:17am   
-Boyka y fi0relita

fi0relita, liked this post.

   SD DavisitoxD [9/17]
February 16th 4:31am   
DavisitoxD y Manuela (paja)

   PERMABAN kjdasfgb83 [1/3]
February 16th 4:59am   

   hrs AbusivazoII [19/55]
February 16th 5:38am   
GoodGirl y DGiOvAnNiD

LadyBlue, liked this post.

   PERMABAN kjdasfgb83 [1/3]
February 16th 5:48am   
kjdasfgb83 y -Kari

-Kari, liked this post.

February 16th 9:04am   
ahroa ocn quine vo ya hacerpareja haber q se presente ese dinosaurio gay

   Core -hKy [3/31]
February 16th 11:03pm   
-hKy e TiihBR

TiihBR, liked this post.

   eons Gransayaman [63/94]
February 17th 5:53am   
Alguien quiere jugar conmigo? :c

February 17th 4:23pm   

February 18th 4:08am   
Bydariek & PorMilNoches

PorMilNoches, liked this post.

February 19th 4:00am   
i need a team mate. <3

February 19th 8:51am   
Who Wants To Be My Partner :P

DavisitoxD, liked this post.

   antasy zBobo [3/25]
March 2nd 8:56am   
Pecoloso said February 14th 4:01am:
Pecoloso & zMisticaa-
Pecoloso said February 14th 4:01am:
Pecoloso & zMisticaa-

sigues vivo aun tu ??

   antasy zBobo [3/25]
March 2nd 9:01am   
Fazt said February 14th 9:44pm:
Fazt & dFazt

Fazt la firme cuando unas heladas !!! pasa la voz agilao !!!

   Brahs Nana [3/5]
Monday, 2:31am   
Omg!!! E agora???

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