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   Crowing [0/0]
December 23rd, 2014   

Christmas Card [Done]



This event is about making a christmas card with a GunBound theme wishing happy holidays to everyone. 



- Must be GunBound themed.

- 1 Submit per user, send more than 1 and you will be disqualified. 

- You can use anything: Photoshop, paint, flash, imagenes animadas (.gif), scanned, any other artwork. 

- You must use imgur to upload the image. 

- Must be your creation. 

- You can use copy-pasted images, but I will have preferences over the users who didn't, so if it's copy pasted must be a flawless work. 



- Christmas 2014 ser (Head + Body) 

- Scarf (Glasses) 

- Sleigh (Flag) 

I will upload a picture soon enough. 

Up to 10 winners, it could be less, I'm not going to pick first, second or third place because all I want is your best wishes. 


You have chance to submit your card until sunday 28/12/2014. 

Good luck and merry christmas guys!






Este evento se trata de hacer una tarjeta de Navidad con el tema de GunBound para desear felices fiestas a todos.



- La tematica debe ser GunBound.

- 1 tarjeta por usuario, si envian mas de 1 seran descalificados.

- Se puede utilizar cualquier cosa: Photoshop, paint, flash, imagenes animadas (.gif), escaneadas, cualquier otra obra de arte.

- Deben utilizar imgur para subir la imagen.

- Debe ser de su creacion.

- Pueden utilizar imagenes copiadas y pegadas, pero voy a tener preferencias sobre los usuarios que no lo hagan, asi que si es copiado y pegado debe ser un trabajo bastante bueno.



-  Christmas 2014 set (Head + Body)

- Scarf (Glasses)

- Sleigh (Flag)

Subire una imagen del avatar pronto.

Hasta 10 ganadores, pueden ser menos, no elegire primer, segundo o tercer lugar solo quiero sus buenos deseos.


Tienen la oportunidad de presentar su tarjeta hasta este Domingo 28/12/2014.

Buena suerte y feliz navidad!



GunBound Thor's Hammer Supervisor. 

-TD, Lynsanity, Sle7en, UltraFox, Gunbound2018, heathaa, Meauuuu, Namikaze, Fractious, CrazyKathyta, lAlBerT, Lucky, AntoniusK, -LoveGirL-, -Remy, ScoundreL, Messias, KhinoStanley, LiveToLove, AngeLsCaLLin, liked this post.

   YȰN ia [9/68]
December 23rd, 2014   

this is nice

December 23rd, 2014   

Nick:  Alexd


_SEIAI_, XxFr3DxX, liked this post.

December 24th, 2014   

Can somebody tell me how can i draw to do this. What do i need? Adobe photoshop?

ANy another tools or application you can share?


   Equinox RAWRimakitty [1/5]
December 24th, 2014   

Photoshop, paint shop pro, paint, there's a lot of different programs Paul.

December 24th, 2014   

ChicoCriollo, StripperGB, HotGuy2001, liked this post.

December 24th, 2014   

fELiZ NavIdaD ParA ToDos!!!  :)

December 24th, 2014   

Todo es con esfuerzo, lo que vale es la intencion...

December 24th, 2014   

vale dibujos a mano y escanearlos y mandarlos?

   Queens YOUR-MAMI [3/6]
December 24th, 2014   

CarDiLaks, s2NobatO, Sle7en, -LoveGirL-, lAlBerT, AlKawarizmi, liked this post.

December 24th, 2014   

Sle7en, CrazyKathyta, LiveToLove, lAlBerT, liked this post.

   NoAngels AntoniusK [9/14]
December 24th, 2014   


Direct Link --->

Feliz navidad y prospero año 2015

CrazyKathyta, lAlBerT, liked this post.

   NKS ALvarOnE [2/154]
December 24th, 2014   




December 24th, 2014   

Sagara, Namikaze, RoDoLfItO, TheRock, Tony1921, JJeaNN, CrazyKathyta, lAlBerT, Netsky-, Mia, liked this post.

   Tony1921 [1/19]
December 24th, 2014   

En nombre de toda la familia del clan F.B.I. les deseamos.




By. Edu (GBPrince)


Atte: Tony1921. Member Guild F.B.I. Team

-Remy, uTuRnMeOn, Yamato, liked this post.

   hock Cheef- [7/11]
December 24th, 2014   

December 24th, 2014   

You can use whatever you'd like, even scanned toilet paper.

If I don't see your image for whatver reason, well that's too bad for you because you're not participating this is why I extreamly recomend using


Pueden usar todo lo que quieran, incluso papel toilet escaneado. 

Si por cualquier razon no veo sus imagenes, bueno eso es malo para ustedes porque no estaran participando, por esto es que recomiendo extremadamente usar y no otros sitios. 

-Remy, liked this post.

December 24th, 2014   

December 25th, 2014   

Feliz Navidad y un prospero año nuevo a todos..

Mi tarjeta:

jRrrrring, CrazyKathyta, lAlBerT, Netsky-, Mia, liked this post.

   eons KalitosPro [9/62]
December 25th, 2014   


-Nippy, liked this post.

December 25th, 2014   

xmas card entry

direct link ->


all images i have used are copy-pasted except for the raccoon(boomer), made it myself.. <3

happy holidays everyone.. have a good one.. ty

CrazyKathyta, Pecoloso, liked this post.

   Meauuuu [4/6]
December 25th, 2014   

direct link ->

happy holidays everyone.. have a good one.. ty


Kez, liked this post.

   KhinoStanley [4/131]
December 25th, 2014   

Christmas Card




Happy Holidays everyone! Smile

PHcareShampo, jRrrrring, _SEIAI_, Kez, -MarioMurer, imRAPcuzUrNT, -MsMakuletz, irresisteble, -HeartBroken, lAlBerT, liked this post.

December 25th, 2014   

Christmas Card




Happy Holidays! Advance Happy New Year!Cool

jRrrrring, _SEIAI_, Kez, -MarioMurer, imRAPcuzUrNT, -MsMakuletz, irresisteble, liked this post.

December 25th, 2014   

much pencil wow

toilet papur ftw

December 25th, 2014   

i cant open Cry my network block this web,

i share with google+ Laughing


Happy Holidays, and Happy Newyear GuysKiss

asulau, liked this post.

   BOoM Pain [4/41]
December 25th, 2014   


Tongue Out



-Remy, Namikaze, Faciety, liked this post.

December 25th, 2014   


December 25th, 2014

December 26th, 2014   

Merry Christmas! I love your christmas wishes but, I'm afraid it won't be that easy to win the avatar so, I will leave this here... 

-Remy, RAWRimakitty, Lynsanity, lAlBerT, liked this post.

   Equinox RAWRimakitty [1/5]
December 26th, 2014   

Merry Christmas everyone! & GL to those of you who actually MAKE the card! Foot in Mouth

RoDoLfItO, Sle7en, EiichiroOda, CrazyKathyta, lAlBerT, liked this post.

   meyu OsitoDTodas [6/18]
December 26th, 2014   

Crowing said December 26th, 2014:

Merry Christmas! I love your christmas wishes but, I'm afraid it won't be that easy to win the avatar so, I will leave this here... 


   NoAngels CrazyKathyta [10/14]
December 26th, 2014   

Espero les agrade... Anexo Mi biblia en Audio... Foot in Mouth


Bale Berga la opinion de los Arenosos...

EiichiroOda, Foxiness, lAlBerT, Netsky-, Mia, liked this post.

December 26th, 2014   

Crowing said December 26th, 2014:

Merry Christmas! I love your christmas wishes but, I'm afraid it won't be that easy to win the avatar so, I will leave this here... 


I still think mine is the best one so far. It took me a full 2 minutes to do it. Tongue Out

   meyu OsitoDTodas [6/18]
December 26th, 2014   

Yamato, liked this post.

   Oanh [2/5]
December 26th, 2014


Happy Holidays Every One!!!

MouseLuvRice <3

LiveToLove, ATimeForLove, sLapshOck, Karessa, TheRightGirl, -Legendary, dEaThReat, Pusha, Mr_sLapshOck, M-AngeL, Dep, -MiniCake-, -XD, yam, 2O15, LOVEMEORNOT, Tony1921, DiamondLove, ReaL-Love, Anniversary, MaiMaiYeuAnh, -AnDyHoang, iLoveSG, VanMaiYeuEm, zuzi, MISS-VIETNAM, NanaLovely, liked this post.

December 26th, 2014


Happy Holidays!!!  <3

LiveToLove, Oanh, Hmmp, sLapshOck, M-AngeL, ATimeForLove, -AnDyHoang, Dep, TheRightGirl, -Legendary, -MiniCake-, iStillLoveU, yam, ShutTheFkUp, VanMaiYeuEm, zuzi, MISS-VIETNAM, DarkAngeL, Mr_sLapshOck, lAlBerT, Netsky-, liked this post.

   Pu Gunbound2018 [26/147]
December 26th, 2014   

Feliz Naviad Gente Gunbera

   Cyco Messias [2/20]
December 27th, 2014   

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

Foxiness, CrazyKathyta, Inzumo, liked this post.

   NsTeam.. iRushGT [1/53]
December 27th, 2014   

-Tink, DontKillPls, -BreyLis-, IamFiCHiTaS, LexiitOhenS, CrazyKathyta, Ezeq, liked this post.

   -MDFK- githeeng [1/1]
December 27th, 2014   


direct link :

   LiveToLove [1/16]
December 27th, 2014

Happy Holidays Every One!!!

LiveToLove <3


Oanh, ATimeForLove, sLapshOck, Hmmp, Karessa, TheRightGirl, Mr_sLapshOck, M-AngeL, Pusha, dEaThReat, MISS-VIETNAM, Dep, palpz, -Legendary, PrincessVivi, -MiniCake-, yam, lAlBerT, Netsky-, liked this post.

December 27th, 2014   

I hope you enjoy my Christmas card!

Espero que disfruten de mi tarjeta de Navidad!

Espero que gostem do meu cartão de Natal!

Feliz natal à todos!

Direct link to Christimas card:

CrazyKathyta, -FaeL-, GamBiTopaLoV, ThiagoNyx, HolySkill, jeperkle, cnmini, DeadKnight, Smoking, lAlBerT, liked this post.

   Ѣ zetsuna000 [4/46]
December 28th, 2014   

Mister_tba, liked this post.

December 28th, 2014   

December 28th, 2014   

¡Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!

Direct Link:

Namikaze, liked this post.

   BANNED SenseOfTouch [5/27]
December 28th, 2014   

 I suck in these kind of things </3


welp . To all of the players , from any country , of any language they speak of, or mobile they play with :DD , specially to those who have been close to me throughout the year, Happy Holidays everyone! kudos!huehuehue

   TMSick.s XDFelix3sXD [1/1]
December 28th, 2014   

uTuRnMeOn, Smoking, liked this post.

   19.1secs AngeLsCaLLin [2/4]
December 28th, 2014   

Wishing GBCA all the joys and hapinness this holiday season. May we all be blessed with peace, love and joy.

Merry Christmas GunBound Thors Hammer!

PAINPACKER, uTuRnMeOn, Dulce, -MarkS-9, GioVanna, jhUnnnnnnnnn, BoomerTopOne, RAREHANDS, Sle7en, Lollipop, lAlBerT, Lynsanity, liked this post.

December 28th, 2014   

Que todos os sonhos se tornem realidades, e que nunca percamos a fé, a vontdade de lutar!

HolyTalent, liked this post.

   GunBound RoX [1/11]
December 29th, 2014   






December 29th, 2014   

Also closed, time is up. 

Posting the winners tomorrow. 

Good luck. 

Oanh, LiveToLove, lAlBerT, Tony1921, RAWRimakitty, -Remy, liked this post.

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