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   GunBound Zilch [6/12]
November 13th 6:51pm   

We are recruiting new GMs!

Hi everyone, Zilch here,

We want GunBound Classic to be the best GunBound server there is, and we all know that everyone can have fun when everyone is playing fair, knows that there is active support, and can make fair and unbiased judgements for the better of the community. We are looking for someone who is:

- Passionate about GunBound and very knowledgable about the game
- Understands technological aspects of the game and is fairly familiar with troubleshooting Windows
- Contributes above and beyond basic requirements, thinking outside the box

We are looking at a grand total of FIVE new GMs, with one of them being a specialty role!

- Must be fluent in English, any other language is an asset
- Volunteer work
- Must be able to contribute 8-10 hours a week
- Must never have been banned in the past, or if they have, the ban must have been successfully appealed
- Completely understands the game rules to a T
- Ability to work with ambiguity

Specialty Role Requirements:
- Must be proficient in Adobe Photoshop and CSS/HTML

Candidates will be selected from a pool and will be interviewed individually.

To apply, click the “Apply for GM” button on the left-hand side. We will be selecting candidates throughout November and December.

If you have any questions, please post below.

Thank you, and good luck!

lxPirulaisxl, MikeWTF, AndreP, SuperShore, Chino, lcenzy, GALUXX, Lucky, Prim, Milu, AreyouAfraiD, Raay, liked this post.

November 13th 7:17pm   
Me apunto para Ser Gm!

November 13th 8:21pm   
Leyendero said November 13th 7:17pm:
Me apunto para Ser Gm!

Contraten a una piedra mejor que a Papelito

lndieRock, GALUXX, liked this post.

November 13th 8:56pm   

November 13th 9:22pm   

I must exclude myself because I did alt f4 and you gave me baned for three days?

   War R US ElSharif [5/51]
November 13th 10:36pm   
I would, but I don't understand and couldn't solve the technological issues D:

   NsTeam.. HeRo [2/42]
November 13th 10:42pm   

   NoTCrazy -SonGoku [19/438]
November 14th 1:53am   
Tengo una pregunta GM... por q no ponen nuevos avatares??

   [Ns..] SaintKillers [1/17]
November 14th 2:09pm   
de que de Oro jajajajajajajaja

November 16th 10:05pm   
qqqqqqqqqq osea mas trabajo ta weon

   BioAurum Muzaik [1/3]
November 19th 7:12am   
Really i would to take that job... i love this game... i know it everyone rulers about this game, until I know to work with those user codes than the 85% players do unknow it... just idk use AdobePht, and only basical elements about Html... beyond everything i said... Could I keep try to be a GM? Fox thx

   Reddit Boredom [1/1]
November 21st 6:41am   
Muzaik said November 19th 7:12am:
Really i would to take that job... i love this game... i know it everyone rulers about this game, until I know to work with those user codes than the 85% players do unknow it... just idk use AdobePht, and only basical elements about Html... beyond everything i said... Could I keep try to be a GM? Fox thx

You can apply here: http://gunboundclassic.com/images/apply_gm_2013.png

   ClubLghT -SouLMaster- [9/32]
November 25th 5:42pm   
Soy Ernesto Díaz, juego gunbound aproximadamente desde el 2002, por lo que conozco mucho del juego y adicionalmente soy ingeniero de Sistemas de profesión, por lo que considero que cumplo con los requisitos.

Un consejo, deberían capacitar a su Community Manager ya que hasta el día de hoy no obtengo orientación para recargar cash (escribí a su fan page de facebook) .


   Core Rhadamantys- [6/40]
December 8th 6:05pm   
me apuntto pa GM

December 17th 7:23pm   
Solicito Gm desde Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia!

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