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   GunBound Zilch [6/12]
November 11th 3:39pm   

Freekilling; Don¡¯t do it

Hi everyone,

Given that we’ve been doing the 9x GP/Gold event a couple of times now, some users have ultimately decided to take advantage of the generous boost in GP/Gold over the weekend and decided to start freekilling to boost their GP/Gold as high as possible – please do not do this; play fair. We have already banned around 15-20 people in the last 48 hours and have deducted around 500,000 GP and well over 30,000,000 Gold in total from users who have made the decision to fix their game results. A first offense when caught is a 3-day ban, and a very hefty 30% deduction from your Total GP and Total Gold. Unlike many other bans, freekill bans are the hardest to appeal as we have the most logs out of any ban for these.

FACT: Many of our top GP-earners are playing completely fair, 4v4 Score games.

We have extremely detailed gamelogs that show a vareity of reports. We can very easily see when you are always losing against a user in quick succession. We know if you suicided, we know how fast your games are, we know who wins and who loses, and we know if you’re playing against yourself or if you’re asking other users to join you. In addition, other users who wish to play fairly are not hesitant to press F12 and report your room, prompting us to investigate suspicious games.

We will never automatically ban someone for freekilling without investigation, however our system does automatically flag anyone who’s made an absurd amount of GP/Gold in a short amount of time, and it’s very easy for us to see who our top GP/Gold makers are. Basically speaking, if you place within our top 100 list of most GP made, your game logs will be investigated to see if the GP you’ve made is legitimate. Fortunately for most users, they’re fine. Even right now as I speak, the person who’s made the most GP so far during this event is 100% legitimate according to our investigation.

With that all said, if you ever join a room and someone asks you to partake in freekilling with them (asking you to press F8 to skip turns, or that they will skip turns for you), immediately screenshot the conversation, leave the room immediately, and report them with the screenshot by submitting a ticket. This isn’t a guaranteed ban, but it will give us a good lead to see if they’ve done this with other players in the game logs. If you are freekilling right now, please stop before you’re ultimately caught!

FACT: Most users who are caught freekilling and succumb to the 30% penalty often do not return to playing GunBound.

We want to keep our game clean from cheaters as much as possible. Freekillers, aimbotters, hackers are all cheaters. We want GunBound to be fair and fun for everyone. Cheating to gain levels, more gold, easier games, etc. may seem fun in the interim, however the consequences for doing so are dire. Soon, we will be returning to listing users who have been banned/suspended from the game.

Lastly, we appreciate all the users who have been playing fairly! A lot of users have expressed gratitude for the 9x GP/Gold event that we put on. Please report anyone you suspect of cheating, and we’ll be sure to look into it.

Thank you,
GunBound Classic Staff

Mommy, azerutaN-, ElSharif, Chino, Vrath, JTHizZX_x, NanditoGB, MissNasty, liked this post.

   NsTeam.. HeRo [2/42]
November 11th 4:06pm   
me parece muy bien ZIlch revisa mi ticket por favor te mande anoche... =)

   [Ns..] SaintKillers [1/17]
November 11th 4:10pm   
Morning Leo una consulta cuando desactivaras los rank que no están en juego más de 6 meses se dijo que se aria ayer sábado

AndreP, NanditoGB, liked this post.

   War R US ElSharif [5/51]
November 11th 4:36pm   

   ¨¢e¬̃ons AndreP [1/67]
November 11th 6:15pm   
SaintKillers said November 11th 4:10pm:
Morning Leo una consulta cuando desactivaras los rank que no están en juego más de 6 meses se dijo que se aria ayer sábado
ya quieres ser dragon amigo???

NanditoGB, L1Nk3rCiTO, Mommy, liked this post.

November 11th 9:57pm   
bleh i dont play anymore due to the insane amount of players using aimbots. still waiting on Kim's server to open to start playing again.
anyways Zilch you had a good run on this server but its now made up of 97% bots which is highly annoying

   War R US ElSharif [5/51]
November 11th 10:41pm   
Did you investigate me too? I wanna feel important. :/

zSaintQueen, liked this post.

   GunBound Zilch [6/12]
November 12th 12:08am   

ElSharif said November 11th 10:41pm:
Did you investigate me too? I wanna feel important. :/

All I found was porn.

-Toy-, liked this post.

   Evil NeomarLander [14/27]
November 12th 2:53am   
Zilch said November 12th 12:08am:
ElSharif said November 11th 10:41pm:
Did you investigate me too? I wanna feel important. :/

All I found was porn.

   War R US ElSharif [5/51]
November 12th 2:43pm   

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