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   Tankwars [0/0]
September 8th, 2016   

Seeking Beta Testers for New Website

Hi all,

Soon we'll be opening up slots for beta testers for the next upcoming website. If you're old school, you may have seen this design before, here's a few screenshots as to how it currently looks.

It's currently not ready for open beta, however all GMs and select users will be selectively authorized to use the new website to test, provide feedback, and bug report before it goes live.

Beta Testing is expected to begin around November, 2016.

The current website is unpolished and kinda tacky, so a familiar, clean interface might need to be in order.

If you have any questions, please respond below.




Procurando Beta Testers para Novo Website

Olá a todos,

logo estaremos abrindo slots para beta testers para o proximo WebSite.

Se você é old school, voce provavelmente já viu este design, aqui estão alguns screenshots de como esta atualmente.





No momento nao esta pronto para open beta, entretanto todos GMs e usuarios escolhidos serão seletivamente autorizados a usar o novo website para testar, prover feedback, e relatórios de bug antes de ser lançado.

O Teste Beta é esperado para começar por volta de Novembro, 2016.

O site atual é nao polido e meio brega, então, uma famíliar e limpa interface pode ser necessária para deixar em ordem.

Caso tenha qualquer duvidas, por favor comente abaixo.



JJeaNN, zSinAliento, Dreico, kjdasfgb83, savora, zRiphCoorD, Kimimaru, JTHizZX_x, Wailord, liked this post.

   eons JJeaNN [3/68]
September 8th, 2016   


September 8th, 2016   

TheMejor GM -> Tankwars

September 8th, 2016   

Old school design, I think I've seen it before.

I would be glad to help on testing the new website on my free time!

September 8th, 2016   

Very CooL GM Tankwars :) nice

September 8th, 2016   

Wow, i remember this site! been years... maybe this will bring back some old school players if they come acrossed it. (:

September 8th, 2016   


September 8th, 2016   


   Betelgeuse [22/46]
September 8th, 2016   

Realmente estoy impresionado con todo el trabajo que estas realizando hasta ahora , Gracias por todo el aporte, se nota mucho tu interés por aportar cosas nuevas a la comunidad, ojala volviesen aquellos tiempos en que se conectaban 350/400 users al dia, Saludos.

   zSaintQueen [1/46]
September 8th, 2016   

thumbs up GM Tankwars

   zSaintQueen [1/46]
September 8th, 2016   

thumbs up GM Tankwars

September 8th, 2016   

Mmmm... I've seen this design before... It looks like GLS website.  

   NoAngels fenixsito [4/15]
September 8th, 2016   

sweets memories :D

D3Lli, liked this post.

   BraveStarr [12/46]
September 8th, 2016   

Me trae demasiados recuerdos del GIS cuando siquiera existia la separacion al GLS que para mi opinion no devio darse.... excelente trabajo Ryan.

para que vuelvan la vieja escuela solo se necesita hacer mas eventos de proporcion x6 x9 x10 y las ruletas y eventos por fechas mensuales etc. en fin (exellent job Ryan) Cool

September 8th, 2016   


Buscando Beta Testers para nuevo Website

Hola a todos,

próximamente estaremos abriendo slots para beta testers para el próximo WebSite.

Si usted pertenece a la vieja escuela, entonces posiblemente ya haya visto este diseño, aqui se muestran algunas screenshots de cómo se ve actualmente.





Por el momento no está listo para el lanzamiento beta, mientras tanto todos los GMs y usuarios escogidos serán selectivamente autorizados a usar el nuevo website para testear, proveer feedback y notificar bugs antes del lanzamiento oficial del sitio.

El Test Beta se estima que se iniciará cerca de Noviembre, 2016.

El sitio actual aún necesita ser pulido, por lo que se pondrá al día una interfaz más familiar y limpia.

Si tiene alguna duda, comente abajo.


   Barely JTHizZX_x [5/67]
September 9th, 2016   

Where do we sign up? =)

   OH SHIT! Jessie [1/15]
September 9th, 2016   

I volunteer as tribute.

   Malditas Rebekkah [3/17]
September 9th, 2016   

Make me :)

September 9th, 2016   

I can help to test it.

Nice work guys, continue doing a god job and you'll se an increment of players soon! :) (again)

September 9th, 2016   
I like the responses so far.

September 13th, 2016   
u can count me in, what u need (pm me on forums)

   [B]ultex Maeda [1/3]
September 18th, 2016   
cant wait for testing the new website

September 22nd, 2016   
I would love to be able to help with testing this website that i remember when i first started playing gunbound.

May 16th 3:19am   
Test test!!!

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