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   GunBound Wailord [7/12]
July 14th, 2016   

Season Rank Winners - June

Hello everyone,

Here are the winners of the June 2016 Season Rank:

Final Results:
1st: MickeyMouse
2nd: Fazt
3rd: KawaiiSama
4th: Xymox
5th: Corta-Nalgas
10th: Liss
20th: R3iNF0RCE
30th: -SnapChat-
50th: -Destello-
60th: 2betheherO
70th: ImZioN
80th: -Raika-
90th: -BLeyZer-
100th: Peruanito--

Note: These are the Game IDs used by the winners on the last day of the month, they are not necessarily their current Game IDs.

We will start sending out the prizes shortly. Everyone should receive theirs by the morning.

A notice regarding the July 2016 Season Rank will be posted by the end of the week (15 June) regarding the July 2016 Season Rank to announce a small change in the prizes as well as some minor rule clarifications that came up over the course of the month. 

Thank you for your patience and congratulations to the winners! Good luck this month!


GBTH Staff

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   Legacy ImChamako [1/37]
July 14th, 2016   

Holaaa Wailord...

Bueno ya pasaron mas de una semana  y aun no me dan mi set por aver pasado de nivel a dragon azul , nadie me da una respuesta


July 14th, 2016   

porque cuando me logueo . el juego no entra , recien lo descargue hoy


   CeL NakBotPro [1/10]
July 17th, 2016   

rank 2 used alts on team b to gain double kills

and rank 3 impossible to get that much gp playing only bunge when there are no bunge games.. he kicked me and my alts after losing so many times its hilarious hes rank 3 

   zm sizlingcares [1/5]
July 17th, 2016   

cant log in my account is there soething wrong? ty

July 18th, 2016   

De donde sacan tantos gps con tampocos jugadores seran legales como neitel decia de el y ese mickymouse como decin en mi pais no hay maricon sin suerte la misma del baneado le tocava jajaja 

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