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   AstroScopus [0/0]
December 13th, 2011   

Information about AstroScopus
Name: Aaron
Age: 25
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Languages: English, some Spanish but will use translator at times
Staff position: GM
Favorite Mobile: Boomer
Favorite Game Mode: Score
Favorite Maps: Cozy & Sea of Hero

Personal Section
Favorite Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCNnoPJ4QPg
Hobbies: Photography: I have Nikon camera & even make some money at it sometimes. View some images and let me know what you think <3 http://www.flickr.com/photos/astroscopus
I also enjoy snowboarding, water slalom skiing, playing guitar, listening to music, eating! yum, webdesign, graphic design, drawing, .. whew what don\'t i like .... coconut & mushrooms yuck.

Best Accomplishments: my beautiful girlfriend of 6 years, owning a new car! & catching a fish with my bare hands!! yes, it did happen, and it took 20 minutes XD and yes, it lived to swim another day ^^

xxDaenaryzxx, botanginamo, Sx, JosephLouisx, Draxus, liked this post.

April 24th, 2012   
Like men! @Zaks

June 25th, 2012   
Thanks for making bunging events! It was very nice of you letting us w/ you for 2 games.

   NeXus SweetVane [1/5]
November 14th, 2012   

   ʬե nylrO [9/19]
November 15th, 2012   
thank you for the gift

January 14th, 2013   
i like ur music favorite

January 14th, 2013   

January 15th, 2013   
y un honor :)

January 18th, 2013   

Awsome. What was the size of the marine badboy?

January 28th, 2013   

GokuSSJ1 said January 18th, 2013:

Awsome. What was the size of the marine badboy?

I think you mean fish ^^ it was small, but was still a fish Laughing


peytonpage, liked this post.

March 19th, 2013   

gm , please can you see my ticket , im disperately bored,.

   YȰN zBhabyGirL [6/68]
April 11th, 2013   
  • My favorite GM! =.=

May 16th, 2013   

hahah RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!!!!!!! as the fish swims away

June 6th, 2013   

nice pictures one of my favorites

June 6th, 2013   

Of the best GMs :)

August 19th, 2013   

Respect, true man

Nass, liked this post.

   jodr Pieterse [1/30]
October 23rd, 2013   

youuuuuuu my dude <3

May 13th, 2014   

nice info! Wink


December 16th, 2016   
like men nice info xDxDxD!!!!!

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