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   FoxieTails [0/0]
January 15th, 2013   

xTwoTails Information Foxyness

Name: xTwoTails // Felipe

Age: 22 ( tho I look like 17 lol )

Location: Lima - Peru ( South America )

Languages: Spanish and English ( I prefer English waaaay more )

Staff position: Supervisor

Favourite Mobile: None

Favourite Game Mode: Jewel

Favourite Maps: Metropolis ( FOR THE DAMN MUSIC! 3=< )

Species: Dual-Tailed Fox (Yes, I have two tails)

Height: 5feet 4inches

Weight: 120pounds

Hobbies: Video Games, Lazyness, Computers, Friends, Music, Making Friends. Likes: Nice people, video game music, chiptunes, soda, hang out with my few friends, and be on the computer all day long~

Dislikes: People who think they are the best, arrogant, selfish, closed-minded and serious personality (the very serious kind)

Consoles that I own: Nintendo64, XBOX360, PS2, NintendoDS Lite and XL, PSP1000, GameBoy Advanced SP.

Favorite video games: Need For Speed, Sonic The Hedgehog, Halo, 8bit games, any intense high speed racing games, games that glow and make me go *w* , Half-Life, Counter-Strike, VVVVVV, Pokemon, Digimon and a lot more.

Information;  So everyone here knows that I'm pretty much a furry, I love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, it's a really good cartoon and I highly recommend it. I'm normally a calm person, with a good sense of humor, and I'm very easy to talk with, don't be afraid to talk to me!  I love meeting new people and making friends. 

I can mostly be found lurking around the Gunbound foro, and you can pretty much send me a PM there (Personal Message) , I've got Skype, MSN, Steam, Facebook, you name it. But I want to know you first before considering you a trusted contact. 

Regarding my fursona (Felipe) , It's a two-tailed fox, goldish-yellowish fur with white chest, belly, and cheeks. Purple eyes and black ears.  If Miles Tails Prower comes to your mind, then that's where the tails comes from. My fursona is on it's own designed by me, but at the same time resamble my favorite character, which is Tails Prower from Sonic The Hedgehog.  Sonic The Hedgehog is my childhood hero and it will always be. 

 -- Pictures of my fursona :

Badge made by Glowfox, this is my fursona's look



Links to pictures:








Real Life picture: 



---Dino, botanginamo, NiniioMaLo, liked this post.

January 15th, 2013   
un honor

   Cyco blind9O [3/20]
January 15th, 2013   
Que buena con el Restregon!!! Saludos

   nsid LorDChobyzz [3/81]
January 15th, 2013   

   GunBound Zilch [6/12]
January 15th, 2013   

I\'m still the original GB fox.

Jakiro, Bunnymund, drums182, savora, Draxus, iRacecTH, RiseSkillet, Brainstomp, Jazz-, xxDaenaryzxx, liked this post.

   nime Jakiro [1/13]
January 15th, 2013   
kitzune =3 <3

January 15th, 2013   

January 15th, 2013   
El zorro original es nada mas y nada menos que Fox McCloud , el si es unico ^^

   CaptSmokey6 [12/20]
January 15th, 2013   
@zilch: not only the original, but you are also very cute and cuddly. :D ;)

   eons JJeaNN [3/67]
January 15th, 2013   
a ti te gusta el regeton

   1337 Bunnymund [1/8]
January 16th, 2013   
\'Felipe, my Favorite.

   PERRoFINoXD [2/22]
January 19th, 2013   

JAJA K COMENTARIOS ESPERO SER ALGUN DIA UN ADM  jeje ya k este es mi vida pk aki conoci a varias amistades de toda clase y bien cheveree jeje XD  FORZA PERU.!!!  wao wao waoooo!!!!

March 11th, 2013   

hola adm quisiera reporta a un aimbot mire su porcentaje 42% es un bot simple y los bot mayormente usan a turttle estoy harta de tanto abuso mi porcentaje es de 76% aimbot turttle

March 23rd, 2013   

Ahora sí que postean en cualquier parte a los hackers. Incluso aqui...

April 2nd, 2013   

si ps ptmr con JD le gana hasta mi primito de 5 años no jodas oe no escojas carros huevadas ps

September 23rd, 2013   

Si Felipe Chevere Contigo Amigo GM Peruano :D *

   War R US ---Dino [31/51]
January 24th, 2014   

Hobbies, Dislikes waaaaaay to funny :D

   NoTCrazy HENRYPIS2050 [116/438]
August 19th, 2014   

hallo GM: SIE DEVEN weit verbreitet BANIAR welchem Ziel UND HACK HACK GPS verabschieden ... das ist es,

> Atlantic amd korea <und andereLaughingSmile

chevere tu dibujo


   NoTCrazy TEREZA [112/438]
August 25th, 2014   


   3.Ositos NiniioMaLo [1/1]
May 5th 1:18am   
&#8226; comunicate conmigo urgente!

   KeNnY1518 [18/22]
July 4th 1:37am   

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