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   PinkiePie [0/0]
April 9th, 2012   

Information about PinkiePie

Hi guys!

I'm PinkiePie, so named 'cause I like to have fun, and I love baking and parties and.. being totally off the wall random probably. Yeah!

And I guess its about time I filled one of these things out!

Name: Jilly or Pinkie !

Age: 27

Location: NC, USA

GM ID: PinkiePie

Languages: English, can understand bare minimum of French and Spanish.

Favorite Mobile: Toss up between nak and turtle

Favorite Map: Adium, Nirvana B, and Metropolis A, Stardust B

Favorite Game Mode: Score

Personal: Um. I'm a huge geek. ^^; I love to read and write. I draw a bit, though not very well.
I love swimming and softball and I play the clarinet. Quote Futurama or Buffy the Vampire slayer to
me and we're probably friends for life. Have any other questions? Feel free to ask!

Jazz-, ImNotHarry, Aadam, SoulEaTeR19, JosephLouisx, liked this post.

April 21st, 2012   

sheupTHedeS, liked this post.

   eѫe -IMPAKTA- [1/8]
May 6th, 2012   
Ohh Squee I didn\'t Know you we\'re PinkiePie haha still.. VNS!

June 18th, 2012   
nice 24 :)

   ROCKڡ Pickled [1/2]
October 4th, 2012   
= D hiya lil sista!

   Ya/uza ItsJusTruong [2/12]
January 14th, 2013   
Forgot to accept my friend thing on your accounts D:

January 14th, 2013   
nice to see some informations about the GM\'s ^^, hello ms jilly

January 14th, 2013   
es un honor

March 10th, 2013   

Jilly ^_^

   eons Heart [30/72]
August 27th, 2013   

:D Hi Jilly, didnt know you were an GM staff, never crossed my mind, :P 

   iFartNyou [6/136]
September 7th, 2013   

you have FB??? hehehe

   jodr Pieterse [2/36]
October 23rd, 2013   

Jilly <3 ^^ your cupcakes are the best I ever see online x)!. Word!

Jilly, liked this post.

   PBBteens GwenStacy [3/27]
December 28th, 2013   

Do you cosplay? :)

January 29th, 2014   

Hmm, I've never had the opportunity to. =O but I would definitely like to try it in the future sometime!

June 10th, 2014   

u seem so sweet and cute. shall we play together some time? XD

PinkiePie, liked this post.

August 19th, 2014   

ich an hallo Pinki Atlantica Online xd sah dichEmbarassedCool 

August 25th, 2014   

HELLO ♦♣♠•

October 11th, 2014   

happy birthday =) 

July 3rd, 2015   

I    L O V E    U

   BANNED -bitasico- [11/40]
December 8th, 2015   

buenas noches gm quisiera saber xq mi cuenta abre cuando voy a entrar al server 2 me dice error 201 quisiera que me arreglen ese problema en todo el dia de hoy no e podido jugar se les agreadece

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