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   PinkiePie [0/0]
April 9th, 2012   

Information about PinkiePie

Hi guys!

I'm PinkiePie, so named 'cause I like to have fun, and I love baking and parties and.. being totally off the wall random probably. Yeah!

And I guess its about time I filled one of these things out!

Name: Jilly or Pinkie !

Age: 27

Location: NC, USA

GM ID: PinkiePie

Languages: English, can understand bare minimum of French and Spanish.

Favorite Mobile: Toss up between nak and turtle

Favorite Map: Adium, Nirvana B, and Metropolis A, Stardust B

Favorite Game Mode: Score

Personal: Um. I'm a huge geek. ^^; I love to read and write. I draw a bit, though not very well.
I love swimming and softball and I play the clarinet. Quote Futurama or Buffy the Vampire slayer to
me and we're probably friends for life. Have any other questions? Feel free to ask!

Jazz-, ImNotHarry, Aadam, botanginamo, JosephLouisx, liked this post.

April 21st, 2012   

sheupTHedeS, liked this post.

   eѫe -IMPAKTA- [1/8]
May 6th, 2012   
Ohh Squee I didn\'t Know you we\'re PinkiePie haha still.. VNS!

June 18th, 2012   
nice 24 :)

   ROCKڡ Pickled [1/2]
October 4th, 2012   
= D hiya lil sista!

   Ya/uza ItsJusTruong [2/12]
January 14th, 2013   
Forgot to accept my friend thing on your accounts D:

January 14th, 2013   
nice to see some informations about the GM\'s ^^, hello ms jilly

January 14th, 2013   
es un honor

March 10th, 2013   

Jilly ^_^

   eons Vash [21/67]
August 27th, 2013   

:D Hi Jilly, didnt know you were an GM staff, never crossed my mind, :P 

   iFartNyou [7/131]
September 7th, 2013   

you have FB??? hehehe

   jodr Pieterse [1/30]
October 23rd, 2013   

Jilly <3 ^^ your cupcakes are the best I ever see online x)!. Word!

Jilly, liked this post.

   PBBteens GwenStacy [3/27]
December 28th, 2013   

Do you cosplay? :)

January 29th, 2014   

Hmm, I've never had the opportunity to. =O but I would definitely like to try it in the future sometime!

June 10th, 2014   

u seem so sweet and cute. shall we play together some time? XD

PinkiePie, liked this post.

   NoTCrazy HENRYPIS2050 [116/438]
August 19th, 2014   

ich an hallo Pinki Atlantica Online xd sah dichEmbarassedCool 

   NoTCrazy TEREZA [112/438]
August 25th, 2014   

HELLO ♦♣♠•

October 11th, 2014   

happy birthday =) 

July 3rd, 2015   

I    L O V E    U

   War R US -bitasico- [7/51]
December 8th, 2015   

buenas noches gm quisiera saber xq mi cuenta abre cuando voy a entrar al server 2 me dice error 201 quisiera que me arreglen ese problema en todo el dia de hoy no e podido jugar se les agreadece

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