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January 26th, 2013   

Windows 8

I thought gunbound is compatible to Windows 8? I cant even tab and there's something wrong with the graphicsYell



January 26th, 2013   

Click right on top of the icon GBTH> Troubleshoot Compatibility> Troubleshoot program> The program worked in earlier versions of window Select the desired Window Nex Next.


Click right on top of GBTH icon> Propertie Compatibility> Check "Execultar this program in compatibility mode"> select Window OK.

I hope I helped.

January 26th, 2013   

still not working... Did update my drivers but to no avail.. >.<

January 26th, 2013   

There is a incompatibiliadde GB with Windows 8. That even in the Softnyx version GBS3. You can play normally, but if pressed ALT + TAB graphics distort

January 26th, 2013   

I cant play normally even if I dont alt tab... Its like the graphics are in slow motion like when your windows hang and you can freely move the window and it will have some kind of a shadow.. If you know what I mean. xD

   Ghost Shalo [3/30]
January 26th, 2013   

Everything is possible , I play on my iMac , you must find a way to play it without problems , and sure there is one :)

January 27th, 2013   

I hope I can find one :(

   iSleepyHead [2/21]
January 28th, 2013   

sorry windows 8 cant handle 'such' a blast from the past! wooooot Windows XP

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