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   pLs... KetchupPls [2/61]
September 16th 4:46am   

error - 200 cant enter servers
alguien sabe como repara eso? does anyone knows how to fix this one?
i`ve done the ff,
1. flush DNS or ipconfig/release and renew
2. reinstall GB
3. restart and reset computer and modem
4. DEP on system
5. uninstall and install of graphics card
6. steps to fix connection
7. and something in firewall and windows defender
8. troubleshooting
take not: the gunbound works fine when im using other internet connection :D

   OutLaws Padeiro [1/2]
September 16th 7:39am   
If recently modem, how integrated wifi and modem togethers, the problem is your modem.You need put it in bridge mode(look in YouTube) and use wifi with other router in your house and the pc of(desktop should be the case) integrated in bridge new config installed

   TacnaGB NanditoGB [1/1]
September 16th 3:20pm   
aqui tienes una solucion.. yo descargaba el steps to fix connection y normal .. o reincia tu internet y pc


   pLs... KetchupPls [2/61]
September 16th 6:57pm   
gracias amigos, pero ya he provado todo eso :D

   ¤¶΅ξ¥ρΆβ BraveStarr [12/46]
September 17th 12:18am   
YO OPINO......

   TacnaGB NanditoGB [1/1]
September 17th 1:34am   
Osea el problema es tu cuenta verdad ?? probaste entrar desde una cabina o otra pc ? si sucede lo mismo solo con tu cuenta.. ps mejor manda ticket diciendo que te reseteen tu cuenta.. capaz quedo estancada en ese error.. resetear o darle una reiniciada me refiero no a bajar tu nivel D !... yo una vez estuve estancado en una sala y me la reinicio un GM .. intentalo cdt

   ¤¶΅ξ¥ρΆβ BraveStarr [12/46]
September 17th 4:36am   
YO OPINO......

   NoTCrazy Enamoradoooo [4/419]
September 19th 2:59am   
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa create otra

September 19th 7:05am   
problem found:
noob detected!

KetchupPls, liked this post.

   pLs... KetchupPls [2/61]
September 22nd 9:36pm   
Murderdoll said September 19th 7:05am:
problem found:
noob detected!
im too noob so they dont want me to enter server? haha

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