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   Heart [0/0]
July 27th 1:29pm   

Hi guys, read this ^,^
maybe someone still remember me? hehe

very sad this fabulous game is now very quiet. and thankfully this server is still running.

remember where in 2011 when i joined the staff, we were surprised and proud to ever reach about 1,500 users.
an event is a matter of formality that must be done.

but my advice, Gm and User should have cooperation in this regard.
how can make this not so bad.
we understand everyone with his busy life. at least they have free time to play.

but if you love this gb, let's everyone do promotion. you know what you can do.
invite your old and new friends to play this gb. if they can not play gb teach them to know this game.

Last modified on Fri, July 27th, 2018 5:23PM

MeganCydonia, Following, Zhie, ElSharif, Pecoloso, JTHizZX_x, whatzittooya, IsaCkSiiToO, Invencivel, Empress, 12, liked this post.

   hrs MeganCydonia [7/53]
July 27th 6:41pm   
Welcome to the jungle!

July 27th 8:27pm   
first, u are gm wire, right? about 5 years I stopped playing gb and this I started it again
good advice !!! lets play together.

   Zhie [80/102]
July 27th 8:32pm   
we need you gm wire ....how are you ?.....

   War R US ElSharif [5/51]
July 27th 10:39pm   
1,500 active users would be dream.
Let's relive it again!

JTHizZX_x, liked this post.

   GunBound Mouettes [10/12]
July 27th 11:47pm   

Thank you for sharing your concerns, we appreciate it. All constructive comments are welcome and useful for staff and the community. We always read the feedback from our users.
Glad to see you back.

JTHizZX_x, HoneyNugget, Heart, liked this post.

   eons Pecoloso [5/67]
July 28th 3:03am   
I support you

   Barely JTHizZX_x [7/65]
July 28th 4:22am   
Let's go Gunbound ! We need to make Gunbound popular again ! =]

   Barely JTHizZX_x [7/65]
July 28th 4:23am   
Like the good old days ~

July 28th 6:18am   
why not creat GB.CA in card to we print

July 28th 6:19am   
the website changed, but if put gb.ca in google the first result is our server ^^

July 28th 6:20am   
And card with colors colorized ^^

July 30th 4:18am   
I am playing GB since 2003 which is gbph til now im still playing not because of techniques and strategies but also the mathematics approaches. We can promote gbca to make this community bigger through TV ads and site posting , I agree Buxexa-sly said.

Additional new ranks and avatars can do active to old players.


Heart, liked this post.

August 3rd 4:11am   
Mouettes said July 27th 11:47pm:
Thank you for sharing your concerns, we appreciate it. All constructive comments are welcome and useful for staff and the community. We always read the feedback from our users.
Glad to see you back.

your welcome. I believe, you can make it better ^^

August 3rd 4:34am   
Buxexa-sly said July 28th 6:18am:
why not creat GB.CA in card to we print

good idea
If used properly, the card will be useful to them, especially for promotions

   GD 12 [5/43]
September 24th 7:21am   
If I could turn back time, to the good old days....

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