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   GunBound Mouettes [10/12]
June 13th 5:23am   

World Cup Event - Score and prizes

Hello, this is the GunBound Classic Team,

The scoring system will be the following:


The prize Male/Female for the best score is:

WorldCup 1 Head + WorldCup Red Body  

The prize Male/Female for the next five winners are (one item only):
WorldCup Yel Body (yellow)  WorldCup Yellow Body 

WorldCup Gree Body (green)  WorldCup Green Body 

WorldCup LBlue Body (light blue)  

WorldCup White Body  

WorldCup DBlue Body (dark blue)  WorldCup Orange Body 

Winners will choose among these avatars starting from the 2nd winner to the 6th winner.

If you guess correctly the number scored by the player with most goals:

2014 Soccer Ball Glasses Male/Female  

If you guess correctly the player with most goals you get:

Soccer Dude Glasses Male/Female  

If you reach 150 points you may pick between:

* 2014 Soccer Ball Glasses, Male or Female

* Soccer Dude Glasses, Male or Female

Instead, if you reach 100 points you'll receive:

* 1 million Gold

You can get GP instead of any of these prizes:

* 10 GP per each point earned.

If you want to submit your chart via email, mail to [email protected]

You can use Paint, Excel, Photoshop. You may print the chart, fill it by handwrite, and then scan it and send it. Don't copy to other players.

The GunBound Classic Team

MikeWTF, fenixsito, Pecoloso, Solitaria, NanditoGB, liked this post.

   NoAngels fenixsito [5/17]
June 13th 5:38am   
ok lo hare en excel :v, altoke

   ¨¢e¬̃ons Pecoloso [5/67]
June 13th 3:38pm   
Bien :P

   TacnaGB NanditoGB [1/1]
June 13th 5:20pm   
Por favor podria tambien publicarlo en espaniol ?? !! Gracias

   NoTCrazy M1chilaala [252/420]
June 13th 8:13pm   
NanditoGB said June 13th 5:20pm:
Por favor podria tambien publicarlo en espaniol ?? !! Gracias

Pobre panadero no entiende mas q quechua!

-Leyendera-, liked this post.

   NoTCrazy Enamoradoooo [4/420]
June 14th 4:22am   
Qqq para eso perdere mi tiempo .. ta feo los premios.. ai q participen los Figuretis

kjdasfgb83, liked this post.

June 14th 5:29pm   
M1chilaala said June 13th 8:13pm:
NanditoGB said June 13th 5:20pm:
Por favor podria tambien publicarlo en espaniol ?? !! Gracias

Pobre panadero no entiende mas q quechua!


   NoTCrazy Enamoradoooo [4/420]
June 15th 12:59am   
Jajajajaja lo parcho en una jajajaja

   GunBound Mouettes [10/12]
June 15th 5:39pm   


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