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   SwimTeam myname [1/22]
June 9th 12:26pm   

We Need More Players!
I feel like this right here was a very successful way to bring in more users.

GM staff if y'all considered such an idea, could potentially bring new users as well as old returning.

I haven't been playing in years, stopped around the time Leo left to pursue other ventures ( for a time frame / 2 years ago about ), I would always visit the website rarely. But I can recall sometime in 2016 or 2018 For a time everything including the website was down don't know if it was update or what, cant recall exactly when but I wouldn't doubt that took a toll on the Gunbound classic family. But now that I've re downloaded I notice I spend a lot of time chilling in the waiting area and not enough time playing.

Regardless of incentive whether it be cash/gold
I feel like this game could use a good boost of fresh players so I urge current users to sign your Friends or Family up, The More The Merrier!

ElSharif, JTHizZX_x, liked this post.

   NoTCrazy Enamoradoooo [6/342]
June 9th 8:19pm   
Ok nuevo gm

myname, liked this post.

   š TricoPlayer- [3/4]
June 10th 1:07am   
finally someone makes the correct use of theboard and doesnt post useless bullshit

myname, liked this post.

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