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   Akiraaa [0/0]
February 15th 7:19pm   

Mac OSX High Sierra
I want to play a game it's been a while. What about Mac OS X version, is there some devs on it, cuz it's stuck with El Capitan it needs to be improved up

February 16th 4:22am   
Hey man! Hope you can get online soon, it's been a while eh

February 16th 5:06pm   
Dude I wish I could, I tried on my windows 10 bootcamped but I have a fucking issue, I can't right click + drag the screen ! Does anyone have had the same issue with windows 10 ? If i right click, i got the wrist icon, but as soon as i move it changes in the usual blue pointer

February 16th 9:43pm   
Oh man, wish I could help! but I play on w8.1 :/

February 16th 11:30pm   
Just made one game against a noob who play on dummy slope side a with boomer. on last moment he turned on side B and took big foot and allowed teleport item LMAO this is far worse than I feared lmaoooo it made my night

February 16th 11:56pm   
LOL that the "Pro" way, he got you good :P, msg me in game so we can play some other time eh

February 17th 7:11pm   
como juego?

February 19th 1:07am   
Having the same issue :/

February 19th 11:59am   
Use Parallels Desktop it works very fine

   -- FrozenTears [1/1]
February 19th 6:33pm   
LaLeY said February 16th 4:22am:
Hey man! Hope you can get online soon, it's been a while eh


February 19th 10:39pm   
i use windows 10 and every thing works fine except the screen witch is getting fucked up when i alt tab...

February 20th 11:38am   
Tim amigo, there is a special DLL that repairs that fucked up alt tab issue. Link is below, paste it in the gunbound folder!AMkG1KKB!u_yT1wKu5BZUiXxGVpMG464gLvQ_Xh4cfiAGCOez4B0

virus free no worries,

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