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   Neil [0/0]
February 2nd 10:12am   

Glad to be back.
Hi All,

Its been a while. How are you guys?


Draxus, liked this post.

February 2nd 10:20am   
sup homie!u GM sky aight?

February 2nd 10:35am   
wow someone still remember me. yes its me!! how are you?

   J.CO -Donut [1/1]
February 5th 1:57pm   
hello po. PH po ba kayo? my active PH players pa ba dito?

   Deeds Draxus [2/14]
February 13th 2:48pm   
Neil said February 2nd 10:35am:
wow someone still remember me. yes its me!! how are you?

OLA! Kamusta Brod!! xP

   Deeds Draxus [2/14]
February 13th 2:50pm   
-Donut said February 5th 1:57pm:
hello po. PH po ba kayo? my active PH players pa ba dito?

Somehow yes, malamang bihira ka makalaro ng ph players, most of the time kc anjan pa nmn ata cla 12 to 15:00 / 19:00 to 22:00.

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