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   «Áin¡ô- Beasttt [1/12]
September 14th 3:32am   

windows 10 full screen issue
Finally back to play some more GB.
I got a windows 10 laptop and when i open GB it does not start up full screen. Is there a way I can fix this without downloading a windows 7 simulator? I had this problem in the past and had to buy a windows 7 laptop only to play GB lol. I was hoping there was a fix for this issue?

   NoTCrazy Enamoradoooo [7/230]
September 14th 4:05am   
yo tengo el mismo problema ..

   GunBound Teorema [2/12]
September 14th 5:26am   

Check this post


Tell me if you need more help.

   «Áin¡ô- Beasttt [1/12]
September 14th 5:39am   
i changed the resolution to 1360 x 768 as shown in the picture but on my computer the "Scale" part to change it to full screen is not there.

   GunBound Teorema [2/12]
September 14th 5:42am   

Beasttt said September 14th 5:39am:
i changed the resolution to 1360 x 768 as shown in the picture but on my computer the "Scale" part to change it to full screen is not there.

That is becauae your driver is not updated, check in youtube how to update intel graphics driver

   «Áin¡ô- Beasttt [1/12]
September 14th 6:03am   
awesome it worked!!! just had to go through the control panel graphics card settings instead of right clicking the desktop. I changed the scale to full screen and its all good now. Thank you very much.

Windows 10
Control Panel - Open Intel graphics settings - click on display - change resolution to 1360 x 768 - change scaling to full screen and save changes.

Teorema, liked this post.

   War R US ElSharif [13/36]
September 14th 6:22am   
Snak3Bite Hacker de jewel

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