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   dudeck2 [0/0]
June 6th 5:00am   

Virus and trojan horse in GunBound files
Look at this virus scan I made of GunGame.gme

A lot of malwares. Trojan horses, worms and other malicious things. What is going on, admin?
Somebody of the staff can explain it?

Everybody who don't believe me can make their own scan on

   BakaKim [2/23]
June 6th 8:40am   
Packed client brings false flags because packers are used to protect the client. As you see the decent anti viruses detect nothing

JTHizZX_x, liked this post.

   JTHizZX_x [1/3]
June 7th 2:05am   
BakaKim said June 6th 8:40am:
Packed client brings false flags because packers are used to protect the client. As you see the decent anti viruses detect nothing

Hi kimmy [=

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