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   savora [0/0]
September 21st, 2014   

Tutorial list.

How to post images.

#109773. How to post images gif, jpg, png, etc.


Credits to -Namikaze for this post.


How to post videos.

#114853. How to post a video on FreeBoard.


Credits to Adriana for this post.


How to use Livestream Procaster, and how to broadcast on Free Board (Spanish).

#121305. Tutorial: Livestream


Credits to Razor for this post.


How to charge cash using PayPal (Spanish).

#123205 Tutorial recarga cash via PayPal


#123481 Tutorial de recarga de cash via PayPal - Parte 2


Credits to Tobi-Unknow for these tutorials.


How to charge cash using Paypal (Japanese).

#125593 nihonnzinnno tame GUNBOUND kakinnsuru houhou (tait-...).


Credits to kyoko-chan for this tutorial.


This isn't a tutorial but the info can be helpful :). Charge cash using Paypal Prepaid Card (Portuguese).

#126841 Comprar Cash Pay Pal BR.


Credits to Mugiwara for this entry.


A solution to players using Windows 8 OS and want to play GunBound (Spanish).

#129841 Tutorial: GunBound en modo ventana.


Credits to savora for this tutorial.


#130469 [Tutorial] Subir videos a Freeboard v2.0

Updated tutorial on how to post videos.


Credits to Adriana for this tutorial.

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Last modified on Tue, June 2nd, 2015 1:53AM

Last modified on Wed, August 17th, 2016 8:59PM

CrazyKathyta, kjdasfgb83, Crowing, Adriana, Razor, AntoniusK, Deidara, lAlBerT, Lynsanity, Triconometry, Illinois, Draxus, Tobi, CheckUrAcc1, liked this post.

   t(-_-t) Obama_420 [4/10]
September 21st, 2014   


September 21st, 2014   

Hola :)

   NoAngels lAlBerT [6/13]
September 21st, 2014   

Gravias savorin!

savora, -DaNiieL, liked this post.

September 21st, 2014   

It seems you applied for being GM and you did not succeed ! (no no i'm not dead !)

September 21st, 2014   

kjdasfgb83 said September 21st, 2014:

Hola :)


Akiraaa said September 21st, 2014:

It seems you applied for being GM and you did not succeed ! (no no i'm not dead !)

I can't be a GM with a ban. So I never tried.

September 21st, 2014   


Thanks savora for making it up, feel free edit and add more tutorials in the post, and thanks guys for those tutorials, they are awesome. 

savora, Adriana, FoxTerrier, Triconometry, liked this post.

September 21st, 2014   

Ok. I'll accept suggestions too.

Thanks GM Crowing!

   CAN ¢¾ Adriana [13/77]
September 22nd, 2014   

Mejor imposible! Asi los temas no se olvida. Yo estaba que enviaba mi ticket para que el post de Razor no quedará en el olvido Frown pero ya veo que con este post de savora todos los tutoriales no fueron en vano jaja, gracias mi estimado Smile y a Crowing por el stickied.

savora, Razor, lAlBerT, liked this post.

   ¦”InK. Razor [1/5]
September 26th, 2014   

Ahora nadie tendrá más dudas. Cool

Adriana, liked this post.

   NoAngels AntoniusK [9/13]
September 27th, 2014   

Yo ya lo habia pensado

   NoAngels Deidara-C0 [1/13]
December 17th, 2014   

How to be sexy:


Credits to Deidara-C0 for this post. LOL*.

January 30th, 2015   

savora savoreame esta

February 19th, 2015   

Soldemarzo said January 30th, 2015:

savora savoreame esta

Calla Gatúbela ja ja ja.

Oso, kjdasfgb83, liked this post.

March 13th, 2015   

etuc os. :)

savora, liked this post.

   CAN ¢¾ Adriana [13/77]
May 31st, 2015   

savora cuando puedas integra este link al post de tutoriales por favor.


savora, liked this post.

June 2nd, 2015   

Ya está integrado el enlace. Como en la actualización del tutorial está el enlace al tutorial viejo, estaba pensando en eliminar el tutorial anterior de la lista, pero al final decidí dejarlo.

No estoy atendiendo el Freeboard, por eso tardé tanto en hacerlo.

kjdasfgb83, liked this post.

October 20th, 2015   

savora said June 2nd, 2015:

Ya está integrado el enlace. Como en la actualización del tutorial está el enlace al tutorial viejo, estaba pensando en eliminar el tutorial anterior de la lista, pero al final decidí dejarlo.

No estoy atendiendo el Freeboard, por eso tardé tanto en hacerlo.


savora, liked this post.

November 4th, 2015   


kjdasfgb83, liked this post.

August 17th 6:08pm   

Some of the topics are gone...

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