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   GunBound Zilch [6/12]
November 29th 11:42am   

[PATCH] v761 Released + Event Update

Hi Pilots,

Patch v761 has been released, ending the 50% off avatar sale. Avatar prices have actually gone up (gold only) since before the sale, Cash prices are back to normal as before.

In addition, I regret to announce a slight delay in the Foxpoints event. I'm literally writing this update before I take a flight to Chicago as I've been super strapped for time, so I do apologize for this delay. I will start the event the moment I get back (around Dec 5th).

With that said, I decided that this weekend will be a 5x GP/Gold weekend instead to make up for the lack of Foxpoints event! It's on the way, we just need a bit more time... super appreciate your patience.

Thank you!

GunBound GM

ReynaTEREZA, NanditoGB, XIxGerarDxIX, Chino, JTHizZX_x, ElSharif, Fuudo, innovador, MissNasty, HenrypisPeru, BraveStarr, KuDaiiii, Spuffalo, FashionGLS, liked this post.

   Barely JohnEscamon [24/62]
November 29th 11:49am   
TQ Zilch for your time

   NoTCrazy ReynaTEREZA [132/433]
November 29th 12:14pm   
T.T actualizacin del parch de 800T.T
una pregunta gm zilch evento del mes de dicciembre ?

NanditoGB, Ariz_, HenrypisPeru, Dragon_Pro, liked this post.

   Barely JTHizZX_x [5/62]
November 29th 6:02pm   
Thanks Leo good notice for maintenance!

KuDaiiii, liked this post.

   TacnaGB NanditoGB [1/1]
November 29th 8:59pm   
Zilch eres el mejor <3 Buen dia petizo

   «¢ros¢â DiegoFercho [1/4]
November 30th 3:51am   
yo participo

   Memories Eizeht [1/2]
November 30th 5:38pm   
uwu cuando pondran los fondos

   NoTCrazy HenrypisPeru [162/433]
December 1st 5:25am   
qremos de 800 del parchhhhhhh

December 1st 6:08pm   
como se con quien me toca en el toreno y a que hora

   ClubLghT xV1ruzMetaLx [1/36]
December 1st 11:29pm   
Esperando como jiL el x5 me llega a la punta de los Alan csm

   BOoM -DannieL- [45/72]
December 4th 2:15am   
no se puede entrar al juego ya puse el instalador logueo carga y nunca entra :(

December 31st 7:57pm   
GM buenas tardes soy de peru, hace poco ya me cree como 2 cuentas , al momento de comprar veo que todos los avatares estan a mitad de precio, sin embargo cuando compre un sobrero me banearon la cuenta pensando que estaba usando hack, es normal? o hay algun parche que agregar???

PD: disculpas si no es el espacio correcto donde postear

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