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   GunBound Zilch [6/12]
November 13th 3:29am   

[Complete] Scheduled Maintenance [11/13]

Good evening pilots,

Sorry for the short notice on this.

Tonight at 12:00 AM EST, we will be taking the game offline to complete server maintenance and patch the game with the following:
- Beginning Thanksgiving Avatar Sale
- Re-ordering the servers

... actually, yeah that's it. But we have to take the server offline for it. We'll keep the website up, however.

Details of server reorder:

Right now we have three servers:
- Server 1: Metropolis Region, Avatar Off, Egg to Brozne Battle Axe
- Server 2: Dummy Slope Region, Avatar Off, Egg to Gold Dragon
- Server 3: Adium Region, Avatar On, Egg to Gold Dragon

We will be changing the server to the following:
- Server 1: Nirvana Region, Avatar Off, Chick to Gold Dragon
- Server 2: Meta Mine Region, Avatar On, Chick to Gold Dragon

We will be dropping down to just two servers. Due to low usage, there is no purpose for us to have three servers, and it makes sense to make the more popular Avatar Off server become Server 1.

Starting rank will be Chick again, starting at 1050 GP. All Egg ranked accounts will automatically be given +50 GP to make up for this. This means that seeing an egg rank in-game means they have lost GP since starting the game.


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   [Ns..] SaintKillers [1/17]
November 13th 3:41am   
Como es con los rank los que no están en juego 6 meses

   Core MeninoJesus [3/40]
November 13th 6:41pm   
Slice u have knowledge how improve graphic of it to be more fast(how gbwc) ?

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