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   GunBound Mouettes [10/11]
July 9th 3:17am   

Information about Mouettes

Game ID: Mouettes
Age: 27
Country: Spain
Languages: Spanish (native language) and English
Playing GB since: 2005
Staff member since: January 13th, 2018
E-mail address: [email protected]

Favorite mobile: Turtle. And Samsung... My least favorite mobile is Armor, especially when I'm playing against Lightning or Bigfoot lol. I prefer playing Lightning on Stardust A, Nirvana or Adiumroot B rather than playing Armor and losing angle (something I really hate), it's very annoying. I think the worst scenario would be using Lightning against Mage on Nirvana B. Anyway, share your thoughts on the comments section, I want to hear your opinions :]


Raay, ElSharif, Basara, Enamorada, JTHizZX_x, kjdasfgb83, fenixsito, 3vilGirL, BraveStarr, liked this post.

   Command Raay [21/35]
July 9th 3:20am   
Big Mouettes o/

   NoAngels Basara [13/16]
July 9th 3:23am   
Te gusta la pizza

   GunBound Mouettes [10/11]
July 9th 3:59am   

Basara said July 9th 3:23am:
Te gusta la pizza

Por supuesto. Saludos :]

   Hermozas Enamorada [7/31]
July 9th 5:57am   
Mouettes, my favorite.

July 9th 3:32pm   
No hay novedad desde hace tiempo sobre Eventos para usuarios que no hemos tenido avatares raros, pero lo bueno es que estan eliminando usuarios ilegales que danan el juego.
Estoy realizando nuevos proyectos para un gran futuro en la vida desde el 2016, te deseo lo mejor en todo.

Saludos desde Leon Espana.

   NoAngels Imperanon [2/16]
Monday, 5:15pm   
Buen gm y justo !
Saludos desde Perú c:

   JTHizZX_x [1/3]
Monday, 6:02pm   
Please update all new GMs and staff! Mouettes evento pls =]

   NoAngels fenixsito [4/16]
Monday, 10:50pm   
Imperanon said Monday, 5:15pm:
Buen gm y justo !
Saludos desde Perú c:

Chupamedias detected
all the time :v

ElSharif, liked this post.

   NoTCrazy FernandoSC [23/244]
Tuesday, 1:29am   
Mas eventos Sr. GM

Tuesday, 6:28pm   
Estan haciendo buen trabajo!
Sigan asi! :)

TricoPlayer-, Enamoradoooo, liked this post.

   Command lDavisitoxD [13/35]
Tuesday, 7:11pm   
dame un vs mouttes

Thursday, 7:06pm   

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