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   SleepyHead [2/20]
July 9th 2:27am   

TRADE Buying MASTER OF ICE Body (Female)

Hello I am an old player from many years ago. I am looking to buy a rare avatar called MASTER OF ICE that is not sold in the shop. I already have the head but I just need the body for Female. I will trade 1,000,000 Gold or 10,000 Cash for this item. Please let me know thank you!

Last modified on Mon, July 9th, 2018 92PM

Pecoloso, liked this post.

July 9th 6:28am   
as far as i know all rare ava are unable to gift, so you can trade only with a gm lol

   SleepyHead [2/20]
July 9th 8:48am   
TricoPlayer- said July 9th 6:28am:
as far as i know all rare ava are unable to gift, so you can trade only with a gm lol
It was briefly offered for sale in the shop as a cash item many years ago. That is how I bought the head but I never bought the body unfortunately. Mine is able for trade so I know its possible.

   eons Pecoloso [5/67]
July 9th 7:12pm   
Ok trade lest go

SleepyHead, liked this post.

July 9th 8:42pm   
CAN SOMEONE SEND ME THE DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THIS GAME PLEASE, the mega link here from this website doesnt let me download more because it says i have exceeded the limit of downloads, so please if anyone has the link to download in other page let me know

   SleepyHead [2/20]
July 9th 9:34pm   
Pecoloso said July 9th 7:12pm:
Ok trade lest go
okay do you want to meet me in game now?

   eons Pecoloso [5/67]
July 10th 3:20am   
SleepyHead said July 9th 9:34pm:
Pecoloso said July 9th 7:12pm:
Ok trade lest go
okay do you want to meet me in game now?

add me

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