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   Paws Rin [1/2]
January 13th 12:42pm   

What's up with all these errors? >_>

   NoTCrazy TEREZA [84/235]
January 13th 12:56pm   
ami tambien me salio eso

es xq la internert esta lenta

January 13th 2:17pm   
Those three errors are caused by the same bug. At the moment you try to join room 15 they come into place.

   Paws Rin [1/2]
January 13th 4:05pm   
I still can't join any rooms nor create one.

   [B]ultex InDomiekriuk [2/3]
January 13th 4:30pm   
same with me , it says enter room block

January 13th 4:57pm   
Rin said January 13th 4:05pm:
I still can't join any rooms nor create one.

That's weird because when it happened to me, I just left server, then came back, and it was fixed (of course I didn't tried room 15 again).

January 13th 4:58pm   
I didn't try room 15. There's a problem with that room. Server needs restart.

   Paws Rin [1/2]
January 14th 6:50pm   
Re-installing did it for me and of course I avoided that cursed room. :>

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